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UCL Dodgeball Club AGM

Monday, 19 March 2018 - 7:30pm
Club or society: 

It's been long, dodgy year, which means that the time has sadly come for the current committee to step down and pass the baton over to the newest batch of keenest dodgers.

Voting Open!

Voting opened at 10am on Friday 27 February. To find out how you can cast your vote, click here.

Voting closes at midnight on Thursday 5 March 2009.

Union Council (UC1301) Summary

Union Council - UC1301

There's still time... nominations re-opened!

Elections Committee has extended the nominations period for those positions which still remain vacant after the initial close of nominations.

Click here to find out more.

Welcome General Assembly 2016: cancelled

We have had to cancel the Welcome General Assembly which was rescheduled for Monday 17 October, as no suitable venue is available for the meeting which is accessible for our members.  All business submitted for consideration will be deferred to the first meeting of UCLU Council which will take place on Tuesday 1 November.  All UCLU members are welcome to come along to meetings of UCLU Council and join in the debate. 

Election Nominations close Tues 5th, 5pm.

A wide range of opportunities are available for you to make a difference by being active in Your Union.

This is your opportunity to make a difference...

There are a number of reasons why standing for election is a good idea, it looks fantastic on your CV for starters; you get to be an individual; you also get to make a difference for everybody else. But most of all, the Union is run by students – and this means YOU.Click here for more about making a difference

Register to vote in the upcoming local and European elections

Did you know that Commonwealth and EU students living or studying in the UK are eligible to vote in the upcoming local and European elections?

Elections will be taking place on 22 May and give you the chance to shape the way the country is governed. If you have moved to a different address since you last registered or have never registered before, fill in this online form to register before the 6 May so you don’t miss out on your chance!

Why you should stand for election

Next year will be the most important year for higher-education institutions in living history.

Make a difference… Stand For Election

Nominations close this Thursday: find out how you can make a difference.

Elections 2013 on the horizon

With only a few weeks to go until nominations open for the Spring 2013 elections, now is the time for you to start thinking about the roles on offer and whether you could make a difference during your time at UCL. In February, all UCL students will elect their representatives for 2013-14 academic year, and you have the opportunity to be one of the candidates on the ballot. 

Why you should stand for election.

Four reasons to get involved with student politics

We saved the Women's Officer, now run for it!

Annie Tidbury's picture

We’ve fought off attempts to get rid of the Women’s Officer position and now that it’s safe, if you’re a woman student you should think about running for it!

Autumn Election Nominations Open!

Nominations are open and will close on 5th October 5pm.