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This UCL Girl Can Week: 20th - 26th November 2017

All activities are women only and suitable for complete beginners.

No club/society membership needed. 

*Monday 20/11*
UCL Lacrosse taster session 12.45-2.15pm
UCL Women’s Hockey Club – This Girl Can break records 6-8pm

*Tuesday 21/11*
UCL Project Active Barre Concept 12-1pm
Rums Boat-Club – This Girl Can Row 6-6:45pm + 6:45-7:30pm
RUMS Netball Club - Netball Versatility Tournament – 6-8pm
UCL Running, Athletics and Cross Country CLub - This UCL Girl Can Neon Rave Run 6-8pm

*Wednesday 22/11*
UCL Fencing Club – This Girl Can Fence 1-2pm
UCL Cycling Club – Regents Park Spin 2pm
UCL Ultimate Frisbee Club – Intro to Frisbee 2-4pm 
UCL Project Active ‘Power Hour’ - 2-3pm
UCL Project Active HulaFit – 3-4pm
UCL Muay Thai – Taster session 4-5pm
UCLU Yoncé Appreciation Society – Heels workshop (Dance) 5-6pm
UCL Jazz Society – Jazz Workshop 7-8.30pm

*Thursday 23/11*
UCL Project Active Dance Fitness 12.15-1pm
Rums Boat-Club –This Girl Can Row 6-6:45pm + 6:45-7:30pm
UCL Women’s Rugby O2 Touch takeover 7-8pm
UCL Swimming Club - This UCL Girl Can swim 8.30pm

*Friday 24/11*
UCL Project Active Squash 12.45-2.15pm
UCL Project Active Kickboxing 5-6pm

*Saturday 25/11*
UCL Project Active Badminton 9-10am
UCL Gliding Club – Trial lesson 7.30am-6pm
UCL Hiking Club - Hike through Epping Forest 

*Sunday 26/11*
UCL Gliding Club – Trial lesson 7.30am-6pm
UCL Netball Club – Give it a Go Netball 12-1pm
UCL Parkour - Taster session 12.45-3pm