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Bloomsbury Spotlight is a programme of large and exciting theatre productions by a wide range of UCL Arts and Cultural societies. It is a unique opportunity for UCL students to train, produce and perform in high quality productions at UCL’s Bloomsbury Theatre. The line up for our Term 3 shows are coming up so stay tuned to see what other students will be performing. 

 We will gradually add more performances and tickets for Term 3 as well. 

Our new theatre space

After almost 3 years of redevelopment works, our Bloomsbury Spotlight performances return to the newly refurbished Bloomsbury Theatre with a wide variety of shows ranging from drama, musical and dance to jazz and opera productions. The new theatre is a fantastic venue for both performers on stage and people in the audience…

The productions

UCL societies get 14 weeks a year in the new theatre to train, perform and showcase their talents.

Act 1

Term 1 kicks of with Drama Society’s production of ‘Saint Joan’, followed by Jazz Society transporting audience’s to Louisiana with ‘The Big Easy’ and Musical Theatre Society finishing with the UK premier of the new adaption of ‘From Here to Eternity’. 

Act 2

Term 2 will open with Live Music Society’s, ever popular ‘Rhapsody’ concerts from 17 January 2019. Closely followed by Chinese Students & Scholars Association’s Chinese New Year celebration and African Caribbean Society’s ‘Panafrik’. Next up is a showcase week celebrating the reopening of the theatre with variety nights featuring the best of cultural and arts societies and a celebration of the UCL opera, there first ever show to feature in the theatre when it opened in the 1960’s.

Musical’ Theatre’s production of ‘Sweeney Todd’, annual Dance Society show and Music Society’s opera production of Smetana’s Libuše close Term 2.

See all that Term 2 has to offer here

Act 3

Last but not least is Film Society’s Festival of the Moving Image in Term 3, a perfect break from the stress of exam revision.

How to get involved

If you’re interested in getting involved with productions get in touch with our societies through the clubs and societies directory page and keep an eye out for calls for auditions.

If you fancy putting on your production next year, talk to your society about bidding and keep an eye out for the bidding application process for 2019/20 which will open early in term 2.


Have a browse through Term 2 performances and get your tickets now. We will gradually add more performances and tickets for term 2 and 3. And now, enjoy the shows!