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Results were announced on Wednesday 25 October

Voting closes at 10.00 on Wednesday 25 October


Vote now to improve your…

…your Faculty

Choose who represents your faculty.  Faculty Reps help us to spot  trends  in  your feedback and work with  Departmental  Reps  to  make  improvements.  These reps are members of Union Council, where they’ll vote on changes to the whole Union.

…your Union

As we’re a charity and led by students, we have a Board of Trustees made up of mostly students elected by you. The trustees you elect will influence how the organisation works, and are responsible for our strategy and financial sustainability.

…your Hall

Every UCL residence has an elected Hall Representative. If you’re living in halls, you’ll get to elect a Hall Rep to work with the Union and make sure your residence is up to standard and that issues are dealt with quickly and fairly.

…things nationally

Each year, we send 10 students to the National Union of Students Conference. Whoever you elect will discuss and vote on matters that will become national policy. They’ll have the chance to deliver ideas and motions on behalf of all UCL students.

…your specific interests

Liberation and Academic committee reps ensure that UCL remains a diverse, open community. If you self-define as BME, LGBT+, disabled or a woman, or are an International or Postgraduate student, you can vote for your committee reps in this election.