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Abeni was elected Women’s Officer in March 2018.

Take a look at Abeni’s manifesto

Give three words to describe yourself:

Resilient, empathetic and creative.

What did you get involved with whilst at UCL?

I have been involved with several societies and campaigns at UCL including the African Caribbean Society, the Black & Minority Ethnicity Network, the Women’s Networks and it’s several campaigns such as the Sexual harassment campaign, “Heads Up: Let’s talk mental health together “ Campaign, Fund our Mental Health services, the Somali Society etc.

I have also gotten involved with UCL Open days and the UCL accommodation welcome campaign 2017/2018 and was recently a delegate at the NUS Womens Conference.

What is/was your degree?

BSc Neuroscience

What made you want to stand for office?

During my time at UCL, I have been witness to the gendered inequality and several other factors that hinder the progress of women and female students at UCL. These have included sexism, misogyny, racism and sexual harassment, to mention a few. Although the female population at UCL is over 50%, there is a gross neglect, unawareness and a lack of support and accountability by UCL’s authority, regarding the experiences of the several demographics of female students at UCL.

Working with women at UCL and other women’s officers across the country, to create a strong sustainable intersectional feminist force that raises awareness, educates, prevents and provides strategic solutions to the different issues faced by women on campus is what made me stand for office.                                                              

Tell us a ‘fun fact’ or something that not many people know about you:

I love getting involved in anything creative. I spend most of my spare time painting, designing, writing and performing poetry.