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A bit about me

Tell us three words to describe yourself

Thrifty, accident-prone and approachable.

What have you been involved with whilst at UCL?

True to the student stereotype, I’ve spent a (proportionately) necessary amount of time doing anything but studying..

At some point or another I’ve volunteered the Volunteering Service, been a Faculty Course Rep and helped out with campaigns including the NSS Boycott and Heads Up. I was also part of the insanely dedicated Islamic Society committee who recently raised over £130,000 fir charity. Needless to say, each initiative has proved to be a uniquely invaluable experience. 

What is/was your degree?

Biomedical Sciences.

What made you want to stand for office?

Despite forming some of the most memorable years of a students’ life, I know university can also be an incredibly challenging time, particularly for under represented groups. Having encountered the challenges facing different demographics on campus, I want to ensure that they are recognised as a distinct spectrum in order for the to be adequately addresses. The ultimate goal is, of course, for every student to identify as belonging to our global UCL community. 

Tell us a fun fact or something that not many people know about you.

I have hypermobile joints (they’re abnormally bendy!)

Read my manifesto here