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A bit about me

Tell us three words that you would use to describe yourself.

Bubbly, creative and reliable.

What have you been involved with whilst at UCL?

For two years I was an ambassador for the educational charity IntoUniversity, an organisation that provides local after-school learning centres across the UK to allow young people to excel both academically and personally. It also gives primary and secondary students their first ever insight into university life in the form of guided tours on campus and much more. I organised event and social to recruit high calibre volunteers form UCL and worked alongside IntoUniversity staff at the volunteering fairs held by the Union.

I very much enjoyed being part of the Friends of Palestine Society and getting involved int he annual Palestine Week as well as volunteering during the Islamic Society Charity Weeks, which are always the highlight of the first term.

What is/was your degree?

Economics and Business with East European Studies.

What made you want to stand for office?

I have a real interest in the education sector as a whole and wanted the opportunity to work in an environment that continuously aims to improve the experience of students in higher education during a time of considerable change.


Tell us a fun fact or something people may not know about you

During my school days I loved to perform and never shied away from the stage. At 13 I was cast as the lead in Hairspray and the best part was having to act, sing and dance while wearing a fat-suit and wig.

Read my manifesto here