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Farooq was elected Education Officer in March 2018.

If you want to become the new Education Officer, then submit your nominations before 22 February.

Take a look at Farooq’s manifesto

Give three words to describe yourself:

Energetic, friendly, straightforward

What did you get involved with whilst at UCL?

I got involved with the Islamic Society in my first year and have been ever since. I was first exposed to the Union when organising an event, got more interested and ended up on the Societies Colours Panel in my second year. That snowballed into a stronger interest and I was elected to be a Student Trustee at the beginning of my third year here. I spent a fair chunk of last year involved in student politics. Now I’m really excited to be representing you guys as the incoming Education Officer!

TLDR; Societies and Student Politics

What is/was your degree?

Computer Science

What made you want to stand for office?

Fam, I already wrote this out in “What did you get involved with whilst at UCL”

Tell us a ‘fun fact’ or something that not many people know about you:

I’m addicted to Reddit (have a browse if you’ve never used it – thank me later)