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Projects and Priorities

  • Make sure the student voice is heard and acted upon

    Working on it

    This will be done by making sure that the New Provost is accessible and accountable to students through the development of a Student Manifesto, and making sure that they receive and consider this document.

  • Reduce financial barriers for students so that they can succeed in their education

    Working on it

    I will do this by reviewing the accessibility of the Financial Assistance Fund, revisiting the Additional Programme Costs work previously undertaken within UCL, and by making sure that the provision of bursaries is an integral part of assessing fee levels. I will also focus on additional costs to study by reviewing the requirement to print dissertations and commissioning further research into the costs associated with graduation ceremonies.

  • Decolonise UCL to make its education truly inclusive for all students

    Working on it

    I will achieve this by lobbying UCL to implement the findings from the Eugenics Inquiry, and working with the Black and Minority Ethnic Students' Officer on the issue of renaming UCL buildings. 

    I will also seek to take steps within quality review processes, including embedding the Inclusive Curriculum Healthcheck and promoting the place of students in making the curriculum more inclusive through the role of Student Curriculum Partners.

  • Making education more accessible and supportive to students

    Working on it

    I will do this by lobbying UCL to ensure they change the Lecturecast polcy to opt out rather than opt in, and by working with UCL to ensure captioning and transcription are included in lecture recordings across UCL.

    I will also work to reform the process for Extenuating Circumstances and Interruption of Studies, so that they support students rather than being barriers.

I stood for election because UCL is one of the top universities in the world. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always feel like this. For that reason, I decided to run in the Leadership Race. I want to enact real change to the academic experience so that UCL really feels like the 10th best university in the world.

This year the current Coronavirus crisis has completely changed the way we go about our lives - education is by no means immune to these changes. In the space of a few weeks, all learning has been digitised. We’ve seen a complete overhaul of the extenuating circumstances system. I want to make sure we don’t go back on any of this progress. Rather I want to make sure we continue to make progress in this direction.

Read my manifesto here