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A bit about me

Tell us three words that you would use to describe yourself.

Perfectionist, hard-working and passionate.

What have you been involved with whilst at UCL?

I was half-heartedly involved in a few societies in my first year, however I only really got involved in a society committee in my second year. This is when my interest began to grow, and subsequently I got involved with the Union Council electorate in my third year as a part-time officer. In mu fourth year I undertook a number of part-time activities with both the Union and UCL, such as Union research and being a student ambassador. Throughout my entire degree, I was also involved with my department and undertook a number of smaller posts within UCL. Diversifying your involvement really lends a different perspective to the otherwise monotonous routine of attending lectures and working on design projects and lab reports all day; something that I found to be a common problem across most degree subjects. So go out there and find something you enjoy and make the most of the time you have here. 

What is/was your degree? 

Mechanical Engineering. 

What made you want to stand for office?

Having been exposed to just some of the different facets of student like, and after having seen first-hand what students experience while studying here, from academic to mental health and accommodation issues, my interests beyond academia developed. Being involved in a number of part-time posts helped me understand the inner workings of the Union and the progress of previous officers over the year. This gives me a tangible appreciation of how astute sabbatical officers are, having the capacity to devote their time to fulfilling their roles to bring about positive change and to further develop their own interests. 

Read my manifesto here

Interested in doing my job?

Whether I’ve inspired you, this is a cause close to your heart or you think we should be doing things differently, we’d love to hear from you. 

Be a sabbatical officer for the Union gives you the chance to make a real change. There’s loads more info about my role, and you can let us know you’re interested and would like more info here.