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One of the most important roles of a students’ union is being a tool for you to change the world around you. It’s our job to help empower you to improve your time at UCL. That might be by asking for changes to be made on your course or by challenging the realities that you see around you. It can even mean tackling bigger, national issues that you believe in.

We have a team of staff and sabbatical officers who can help you set the ball rolling. But we also have a number of campaigns that we are already working on with other students. Take a look at our current campaigns and how they are making an impact at UCL. You’ll also be able to find information on how you can add your voice to the cause and get involved. 

Decolonise UCL

BME students are driving a campaign to end institutional racism and truly diversify UCL. The campaign is gather pace - find out how we’re planning to make an impact and how you can get involved.

Don’t Pay Again

We are challenging UCL on the additional compulsory course costs many students discover once they begin their course. We’ve started to see our first positive results with the scapping of transcript fees, and hope to continue in the same vein. Find out more about how we plan to tackle this problem.

UCL: Fund our Mental Health Service

Our Heads Up campaign discovered that Students Psychological Services at UCL are seriously struggling to meet demand. That why students have started a direct action campaign calling for UCL to supply more resources. Take a look at our most recent success.

Follow the campaign on Facebook to keep up to date.

Heads Up

Mental health has been stigmatised at our universities for too long. Our Heads Up campaign is challenging stereotypes and encouraging students to talk about mental health. Find out about the campaign so far and how to join

National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts

Students at Union Council voted for Students’ Union UCL to actively support the National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts and back the call for Free Education for all. 


We are working hard to reduce our environmental impact and support our student groups who want to improve sustainability on campus. Take a look at some of our initiatives.

Fee Refunds

Our General Assembly voted to support the UCU pension strikes as well as to campaign for a fee refunds in response to lost teaching hours. Since then, we have been working to gain a better insight into how UCL plan to compensate students for their lost teaching and ensure no student is left disadvantaged as a result. Read more here.