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We want you to feel like you have someone to talk to, and stand with you when you want something done. Here’s who you can go to when the time comes:

Meet your Sabbatical Officers

Your Full-Time Sabbatical Officers take a year out of their studies to work full-time for you. They are devoted to improving student life, and work closely with UCL and union members to make that happen.  

Meet your Executive Officers

Your Executive Officers work part-time, and collaborate with the Sabbatical Officers to ensure that student groups are represented. They are also part of the Union Executive Committee.

Meet your Union Chair

The job of the Union Chair is to ensure that elections and referenda are held fairly.

Your Liberation Officers

Your liberation officers represent the rights of BME, disabled, LGBT+ and women on campus.

Your Academic Section Officers

If you wish to bring up issues relating to one of the academic sections on campus, contact the representative of your area.

Your Officer for Students with Caring Responsibilities

Do you have concerns related to your caring responsibilities and studies? We have an elected officer that can direct you to support or raise issues.

Your Academic Representatives

There are elected representatives for each of the eleven faculties on campus, each academic department and every programme of study. Research students also have representatives. They pass on concerns and issues related to studies and act as a bridge between students and faculties/departments

Hall and Accommodation Representatives

A Hall Representative is elected to represent every student residence at UCL. You can contact them with queries and issues relating to your housing.

Interested in running for any of the above positions? Register your interest here