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On 21 January, nominations will open for future leaders at the Students' Union. It could be you. Join the race to be a leader and lead your Union, lead a club, lead a group, lead change. 

What is The Leadership Race? 

We're run by you, you make the decisions, you tell us what to do and we're here to facilitate. We're led by student officers who are elected by you and work for you—either full-time or part-time alongside their studies. In the coming Spring, we will be holding elections to decide who fills these roles.

Full-time leadership roles (Sabbatical Officers): They're a group of seven full-time paid students who each have differing areas of responsibility. They represent all students at UCL and have specific remits which cover: clubs and societies, women, postgraduates, black and ethnic minority students, international students, democracy, your welfare and your education. These officers are elected for a year and either take a year out of their studies to do the job or do it just after they graduate.

Have a look at the job descriptions for the seven full-time roles below:

Activities Officer
Black and Minority Ethnic Students' Officer
Democracy, Operations and Community Officer
Education Officer
Postgraduate Students' Officer
Welfare and International Officer
Women's Officer

If you have any questions about applying for a full-time role as a Sabbatical Officer (questions about visa's etc.) then we've got a handy FAQ section you might want to check out, or get in touch with us at

Part-Time leadership roles: These officers volunteer their time and lead change alongside their studies. There's a wealth of part-time roles available, with officers representing a diverse range of interests and identities within the University, campaigning for the things that really matter to you. 

All students have a right to stand in The Leadership Race, irrespective of your degree, age, nationality and whether you're a postgraduate or undergraduate. All students also have the right to vote for whoever they think is the right person to do the job. All you have to be is a current UCL student. 

Are you interested in joining the race to be a leader? 

Although nominations for the Leadership Race open on 21 January 2019, we're asking you to register your interest now so we can help you in the process further. 

Register your interest