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Bagboard Limited
£8.00 per hour
Application deadline: 
Thursday, 19 July 2018

£8 per hour plus commission.

Bagboard are going through an exciting growth phase and are looking for a Temp Retailer Sales Associate to expand the current network of retail stores that are signed up to Bagboard.

At the core of Bagboard’s operation are the relationships we have built with our diverse network of retailers. Bagboard work with advertisers to put their artwork on high-quality eco-friendly paper bags which are supplied to hundreds of independent stores in London, all for free! As a retailer sales associate, you will be joining our newest and fastest growing team, with the potential for further opportunities as this exciting company grows.

Description of Role:

  • Identify prospective stores across London.

  • Visiting prospective stores and signing exclusivity contract with them

  • Feedback to Bagboard HQ with findings and progress

About the company:

Bagboard is a visionary young business, currently laying the ground work for a new revolutionary advertising platform.  Via our London-wide network of independent retailer partners, and supported by our sophisticated I.T. systems, our mission is to deliver timely and well-targeted advertising - displayed on premium bags - directly into the hands of consumers. Having completed multiple successful and over-subscribed investment rounds, and attained proof of concept via conclusive case study results, Bagboard is now seeking ambitious and energetic candidates to assist with the next stages of this ground-breaking project.

About out retailer network:

  • Our geographical footprint currently includes 300 stores (and continually growing!) within some of the most demanded and optimised distribution points of London

  • This network includes a diverse range of independent stores from convenience stores, artisan cafés, pharmacies, gift shops, post offices, and restaurants

  • Stores from the largest symbol groups such as Costcutter, Budgens and Nisa are part of the Bagboard distribution network

  • Bagboard has a minimum criteria of the quality and type of stores to sign-up

The successful candidate will be required to: 

  • Grow the retailer base by helping onboard new stores

  • Meet daily and weekly targets of store sign-ups

  • Establish, build and maintain retailer relationships on behalf of Bagboard

  • Visit and set up meetings with store owners

  • Adhere to Bagboard’s onboarding criteria and process

  • Keep a record of all stores visited

  • Identify new opportunities for business and contribute to strategic discussions of growing our retailer base

  • Touch base with Bagboard line manager regularly and report findings

What we are looking for: 

  • Previous sales, recruitment or relationship management experience

  • Motivated by sales targets and an escalating commission structure

  • Ability to build and develop relationships

  • Strong presentation skills to present complex ideas in a concise, compelling way

  • Excellent sales, communication and listening skills

  • Strong work ethic

  • Pro-active and ownership mindset

  • Enthusiastic and positive can-do attitude

  • Endurance, persistence and tenacity to face challenges head on


  • Unparalleled experience of working in an exciting startup environment to establish in unprecedented scales, the largest distribution network in London

  • Exposure to a dynamic outdoor work environment

  • Very attainable and attractive commission structure

  • Social drinks and events regularly held by Bagboard

  • Opportunity for further opportunities (temporary or permanent) as the company grows

  • Cost of travel covered by Bagboard


  • Base rate of £8 per hour

  • £6 daily travel allowance

  • 25p site survey completion commission (est. 50 per day)

  • Exceptional store bonus of £10 (must be confirmed and checked by Bagboard Management)

  • Escalated daily commission structure (see below)



Base rate

Base target

6th store


7th store


8th store


9th store


10th store + beyond


NB Our current average hit rate is 10 stores per day, so these targets are very achievable

To apply: Login with your UCL account to access the application form.