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This is a one stop shop for anyone looking to hire students. Simply send your job description, including rate of pay (in per hour, per year or per job format), location, hours and a deadline to


Can I advertise positions for students in my own home?

Unfortunately we do not advertise jobs for private individuals. This is because we cannot guarantee that UCL students have been authorised to work with children or vulnerable adults. 

Can I advertise overseas positions?

Yes, but only if students are contracted and paid in the UK.

What happens if you feel that the information I provide is misleading?

If at any point Students’ Union UCL feels that the information received is misleading, extravagant, or fictitious, we reserve the right to refuse to advertise; it is our job to protect the interests of our students.

Do we have to be specific in the job advert?

If an advert is too vague, we may decline your request, as we have a duty of care to know the basics of the role we are advertising to our students.

Does an advert have to contain a rate of pay or date?

Yes; it’s important to us to ensure that students are receiving the at least minimum wage. We will also need a start date, as well as an end date. Additionally, you are far more likely to get a good number of responses when these details are included.

Would it be possible to advertise commission only pay?

We don’t advertise commission only based jobs as we are concerned that it leads to students working hard for very little pay. However, we will accept roles with a base rate and commission on top.

How much should I pay students for work?

JobShop will only advertise jobs that pay at least the national minimum wage.

Hopefully all of this is clear, however, if you do have any further questions, you can send them to and we’d be happy to help.