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It is incredibly important that you publicise your Taster Events, as these will draw new members to your Club or Society. It is a chance for people to see what your Club or Society does and then make their decision as to whether or not they should pay to become a fully-fledged member. If you don’t publicise your Taster Events properly, you won’t get the 30 members you need to stay affiliated.

Step 1

Start planning your Taster Events over the summer. It takes a long time to plan some events, especially when you might be working, or out of the country. All of your events should be planned by mid July so that they can be advertised to new students.

Step 2

Book any venues and rooms you will need.  You have August & September to make your Union room bookings, and they should be finalised and confirmed by the 1 September. Leaving your Union room bookings any later, may result in not getting your venue booked in time. Email us when we send out the block booking request for Union space to , but please note this isn’t checked so often during holiday time, so leave yourself time. Read the How to book a UCL room guide for more info on UCL rooms which usually open for bookings at the start of October.

Step 3

The What’s On Calendar, Union monthly events publication, gets posted directly to all returning students, and to all new home students, so this is a great opportunity to advertise your Taster Events. You should upload your events as soon as possible, which means you have to have venues, dates and times finalised if you want your events to be listed.  This is a great source of free advertising, and if you need help arranging venues, e-mail .

Step 4

Finalise any details of your Taster Events (even if they are just normal society meetings) including tickets, entry fees, speakers (for which you must get approval) etc. Make sure you fill in the correct forms and follow the instructions in the other relevant How to Guides. Over the summer you should allow yourself more than the minimum 2 weeks.

Step 5

Submit all your Taster Event details to the What’s On Online Events Calendar, which you can do by logging in to the website. Finally, make sure any social media such as Facebook Groups are set up with the latest information.

Step 6

Don’t forget to make any necessary publicity to advertise your taster events – especially if you are putting on extra social events. Look at the How to Publicise my Activities and Events guide for more handy information.

International Student Orientation Week begins on Monday 18th September, so we encourage you to ensure you have got everything ready for this date.