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We have four bar areas which can be booked by Club or Society Presidents for their club or society events. They are:

  •  Phineas
  • The Mully’s Bar
  • Print Room Cafe
  • The Institute Bar

Step 1

Go to the Students’ Union UCL website and have a look at each of the bar areas - there is information about where each one is, what the facilities inside it are, and when it can be booked etc. You can also see a calendar of when the bars are available, when you click on the Venue Request Form below. 

Step 2

Once you’ve chosen which bar you would like to book, complete a Venue Request Form and return it to at least 2 weeks before your event or activity.

Step 3

You will then be contacted by the Union’s Events Team to confirm your booking or to suggest alternatives if the bar you requested isn’t available.