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How to book a Union bar

We have four bar areas which can be booked by Club or Society Presidents for their club or society events. They are:

How to book Union rooms

Students’ Union UCL is committed to providing space for its Clubs and Societies to hold meetings and events. The Bloomsbury Theatre Building (15 Gordon Street) is where the Student Activities Reception is located, and that is where the bulk of our meeting rooms are. There are also meeting rooms in the Lewis Building, which are booked via the Reception as well. They are free for you to use between 10am–9pm/10pm Monday to Friday during term-times.

Available spaces

Bloomsbury Building Rooms:

How to book an external venue

Although there are many good spaces on campus, there will be occasions when you want to use an external venue for something specific. Examples may include booking a club, a theatre or a boat. There are lots of different things to consider, and this guide will help you make the right decisions, and aid your planning.

How to book UCL rooms

There are lots of useful and interesting spaces around the UCL Campuses which can be booked for events, teaching, meetings etc., and some of them are very popular (so book early to avoid disappointment). Only Presidents have the authority to make the booking using the online room booking system.

How to book AV Equipment for UCL Rooms

AV Equipment in UCL Rooms includes microphones (E.g. Lapel Microphones, Handheld Microphones), Projectors, Speakers, Projector Screens etc.

You can only book extra equipment if the room you have booked is already supported with AV. You can check this by heading to the Room Bookings Page and selecting to view the info for the specific room you have booked.