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How to sell an item belonging to a club/society

Step 1

Check with Union Finance to see whether the item was bought by the club (Non Grant) or by the Union for the club (Grant).

How to publicise my Taster Events

It is incredibly important that you publicise your Taster Events, as these will draw new members to your Club or Society. It is a chance for people to see what your Club or Society does and then make their decision as to whether or not they should pay to become a fully-fledged member. If you don’t publicise your Taster Events properly, you might not meet the 30 member requirement you need to stay affiliated.

How to check my membership list

How to view club or society membership sales lists (President and Treasurer Access only):

How to set up a Mailing List

Mailing Lists are vitally important when trying to attract members to your Club or Society. However, you must remember never to give out your members contact details and when you are group e-mailing people, you should always use the Bcc: field, (Blind Carbon Copy) which will send the e-mail without showing everyone’s email addresses. This is part of the Data Protection Act 1998 and now in line with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Act 2018. 

Data protection for Clubs and Societies

Students’ Union UCL has its own Data protection and privacy policy but is also subject to UCL’s policies - see Understanding Data Protection at UCL.

Club and society members are entitled to best practice data protection - their details should be private, secure, and used only for the purposes they have consented to (or for legitimate reasons related to these purposes).

How to Publicise Activities and Events

Publicising your activities and events is one of the most important things you have to do as a Club or Society Leader. There are various ways to publicise your events and activities, and this guide explains most of the major ones. However, you should always be creative with your publicity methods – try and think of new and original ways to publicise events, but do make sure that you don’t break the regulations on the publicity statement in your President and Treasurer contracts.

How to access your club or society email account

Need to know

We use the UCL email system to provide you with a club/society email account. Each summer we add the new President and Treasurer to that account so they can access it. This will then appear as part of your personal UCL email account. For information about what your club society email address is, please contact the SU Reception or search for SU.[your club/society] in your Outlook Address List.

You don’t need to log into it separately or require a password. Please ignore/delete any password reset notifications.

How do UCL Students join my Club or Society?

All Club and Society memberships are sold centrally by the Union and under no circumstances should Presidents, Treasurers or other committee members sell memberships in person. This is a serious breach of Union regulations and will result in disciplinary action if it happens.