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Insuring equipment

Hired Equipment

For the equipment you hire to be covered by Students’ Union UCL insurance it needs to be logged and submitted to our insurance company. If you do not do this and the equipment is damaged or goes missing you and your Club or Society will be liable for the full cost to replace the item. This has happened in the past and caused societies very serious financial difficulties and embarrassment.

How to make an insurance claim

Personal Accident Insurance

How to create a Risk Assessment

All clubs and societies are required assess their activities for risk (by creating a risk assessment). This can be as simple as assessing a lecture theatre for slip, trip and fall hazards through to complex expeditions to countries around the world where risks are much greater and implications more serious.

Risk assessment should help you do the following:

How to report an incident or accident

Students’ Union UCL recognises that in spite of all reasonable precautions accidents/incidents/near misses can still occur during activities. The following procedures are designed to: