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Running a Give it a Go Activity/Event

Give it a Go is a popular, well recognised scheme which gives students the opportunity to try something new.  It appeals to and attracts students who do not currently engage with UCL Societies.  Therefore it gives you a new audience to publicise society to - great if you’re worried about recruiting members. 

You might be wondering what the benefits are to running a Give it a Go Event. There are lots!

Running a Project Active session/event

Project Active offers UCL students a wide range of beginner friendly opportunities to be active, try something new, meet new people, have fun and be healthy!

Start a club or society volunteering programme

There is huge potential for you and your members to share your skills and interests with the local community. A volunteering project provides an alternative and meaningful activity for your members and Volunteering Services is here to help you plan your project, connect you to a community organisation, provide training, apply for funding and guide you through policies and procedures.

Step 1 - Plan

Identify the aims and objectives of your project and what needs in the community you would like to address. For example:

Making Your Events More Accessible

A short guide to making your events more accessible - by Students with Disabilities Network