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How are you feeling about the start of term? Confused? Nervous? Excited? A mix of all three? We know it can be a rollercoaster of emotions, which is why the Hey Team is here to help you.

They’re not just some strangers we’ve plucked off the street, they’re real UCL students who have gone through the same things you are probably feeling right now. The Hey Team want to make sure you have the best start possible, give you the lowdown on UCL life and help you make new friends! 

There are lots more members in the team, but you can meet some “in person” below. You might be seeing them pop up at our Welcome events! They’re here if you’ve got any questions, want to have a chat or need to be signposted elsewhere. 




Hello! I am a second-year law student from Hong Kong. I’d like to think I am a news junkie (sorry). Starting UCL in 2020 is quite something indeed, but do keep in mind that UCL has one of the best support networks you can ever find in the world and we are all here for you! Can’t wait to meet you guys soon and do get in touch if you have any questions.


Hi ~ my name is Carissa and I’m a second year Biochemistry student. I’m an absolute foodie and self-claimed aesthetic queen. I like meeting new friends and hanging out with people, so don’t be shy to talk to me! However, please don’t talk to me enthusiastically about Biochemistry because the level of enthusiasm in my reply will disappoint you. Talk to me about business or management and we’ll grab a cup of coffee (or have a virtual one)!


Hey, I am Charmi from India. I am in 2nd year studying Mathematics & Statistical Science. I like reading, to be honest I am going crazy with buying and downloading books, (just hoping I can keep this hobby up!). I like volunteering as well - if it’s for a great cause then count me in. I also love meeting people and having conversations about life stories and experiences, and I can be a good listener. Look forward to meeting you all. :)


Hi! My name is Gabriel and I’m a final-year French and Spanish student. I’m originally from rural Devon so moving to London was a massive change for me, but I’ve had a great time at UCL so far. I like how you can feel the hustle and bustle of London on busy streets like Tottenham Court Road, and then also find a nice quiet spot nearby in Regent’s Park to relax.  

I’m interested in art and photography, but I also really love electronic music and DJing so I’ll be one of the first people in the club when they reopen! 

When I was studying abroad, I realised how reassuring it is to see a friendly face around campus when you’re still finding your bearings, so I’ll always be happy to say hello and chat about life at UCL! Although languages are my degree, I still love to practice them outside of the classroom so parle-moi en francais or háblame en español!


Hello and Welcome to UCL! My name is Dhanishtha and I’m completing my Masters in Psychology of Education. I encountered a lot of bumps during my Masters, and through it I learnt how incredible the professors, support staff and even the security guards are. You are embarking on a new journey during uncertain times, but the community is here to support you throughout your journey, and the Hey team is here to start you off! 

I am interested in not only art and dance, but also football and handball! There are many transitions we go through in life and this is one of the big ones, and having gone through it several times, as I have moved around between 3 continents since starting university, it felt good knowing that there was a community and I could have an incredible platform to grow and learn. I look forward to meeting you all and feel free to reach out and ask questions, or just for a chat!



Hi, my name is Rachel, I’m from Liverpool and about to start my second year studying Law. I was a teaching assistant before coming to UCL, so another passion of mine is primary education.

I know how daunting and anxiety-provoking starting uni can feel, so please remember if ever you’re in a similar position that things do get better and you’re not on your own. 

Who/how/wherever you are, I hope to meet you soon and please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you want to ask or talk about anything at all!


Hi, my name is Lou and I come from France. I am a second year student at UCL and I study Urban Planning, Design and Management. I love to study in central London, it gives you many different opportunities to discover this city and what it has to offer. I also love to play football, play the guitar and spend time with my friends.

Your first year at uni can be quite stressful and overwhelming but the Hey Team is here to help you with this process. I am really excited to start this new year and can’t wait to welcome you all and help you in this new life at UCL!!


Hi! I am Rachel Cooklin, I am from London, am going into my final year reading History at UCL and am really excited to be part of the Hey Team 2020.

I really enjoy playing netball, meeting new people, and love History. I have also recently become a bit obsessed with Masterchef Australia and so now fancy myself as a bit of a (self-proclaimed) food connoisseur!

I’m looking forward to meeting (virtually or in person) you all soon and can’t wait to welcome you to UCL!


Hi there! Welcome to UCL!

I’m Lydia. I study Arts and Sciences at UCL, majoring in Cultures. I play the saxophone, can often be found in theatres, and love cheese puns. I also love meeting new people! Starting university is a big change in your life, especially this year. If you have any questions or just want to chat, feel free to speak to the lovely Hey Team!



Hi, my name is Emma, I’m from France and am starting my second year at UCL in Philosophy, Politics and Economics. I like skies, impressionism, sunflowers, apricots and soul music. But more than anything, I love meeting new people and that’s why I joined the Hey Team and why I’m excited to get to know you all and help you in your first steps at uni!!


Hey, I’m Marie and I’m French and Japanese. 

I’m currently studying medicine and I’ve really enjoyed my time at UCL so far! I’d say my favourite memory from first year was biking around London with friends from my hall and trying out different foods in Chinatown. 

Feel free to get in touch to talk about anything, I’m really looking forward to meeting you all!


Hi! My name is Molly, and I am going into my second year studying Biomedical Sciences. I am really excited to get back to UCL this September, and am looking forward to meeting lots of new people. I love going out for food and discovering fabulous places to eat around London (happy to give you any recommendations!).


Hello! I’m Nicole, and I’m a second-year English student at UCL. Some things I enjoy include being in nature, learning about the arts, and definitely meeting new people! As part of the Hey Team 2020, I’m looking forward to welcoming you to UCL. 😊



Hi! My name is Liberty and I am from Essex. I am about to start my third year studying Psychology with Education and am part of the Hey Team this year. I enjoy baking and running and do as much volunteering as I can. I am really excited to welcome you all to UCL, whether that be in person or online and hope you all have a great year!


Hey, my name’s Callum and I’m a second year student studying Psychology with Education. I love wildlife, photography and anything creative - that’s why moving to London, and staying here last year was so important to me.

London is full of culture and that’s why I can often be found exploring the streets, sipping coffee in soho, or laughing with friends in Russell Square. I post tips for positive mental health for the Psych with Education society, so you can ask me about the services UCL provide. I love to meet new people and expand my social circles so I can’t wait to meet you!



Hi everyone, and welcome to UCL!

I’m María González-Gancedo del Hoyo, a Spanish student studying second year Neuroscience.

I like reading, horse riding, volunteering and cooking. I also love talking about science and music, and really like engaging in cultural exchanges with other international students. Feel free to contact me or the rest of the lovely Hey Team 2020 to chat about anything! 😊

Xuen Rong

Hi I am Xuen Rong, studying Bsc Biomedical Sciences and transferring to Pharmacology. I’m from Malaysia, KL, but I’ve also lived in Beijing for around seven years and Singapore for just over a year. Throughout that time, I’ve studied in seven (!!!) different schools before coming to London. I enjoy playing and composing music (piano, violin and ukelele), jamming out with friends, drawing, learning about different cultures, writing poetry and exploring new places. I also love reading - let me know if you have any book recommendations! 


Hello and welcome!! We’re really lucky to have you here.

I’m Yaning, and courtesy of my niche course, I am interested in health accessibility and equity. Outside of my studies, I dream of directing a West End show and sketching the world’s most scenic cities. The pencil work behind my headshot is my self-portrait!

I hope UCL brings you inspiring friendships, insightful learning experiences, and times you’ll never forget. 


Ni Hao! I am Trista Wu, and I am doing Education Studies at UCL. While loving to try new things and make new friends, I have plenty of hobbies, including photography, broadcasting, Latin, Ballroom, and contemporary dancing.

Friends around me would consider me as helpful and vivacious! In my spare time, I like going to museums, theatres, natural landscapes, and of course, craving something different around London. My fields of interest are education with media, film, museums, and plays. So, if any of you want to chat with me about education or other questions, just get in touch.


Hello, I am Aza from Belgium and am in my second year of Language and Culture. I love reading books, eating yummy food, photography and being lazy. On normal days you can find me somewhere in one of our beautiful libraries. I absolutely love my time at UCL because of the interesting people and that we are in the centre of everything. Things ranging from museums, shops, parks… you most definitely will have a blast discovering everything! I look forward to meeting all of you in the new year!


Hey everyone!

My name is Angela, I’m from London and I’m a second-year Economics undergraduate. I love meeting new people and playing Badminton in my spare time. I’m looking forward to meeting you all soon.


Hi, I am Yujia Gu. I am currently a UCL master’s student, studying Infection and Immunity. I studied Biological Science for my undergraduate at the University of Liverpool. I love crafting and cooking as I like using my hands to create some nice stuff! During lockdown, I built a mini house with lovely furniture inside and I improved my cooking skills, which made me feel really good. Moreover, I am a big fan of Modern Family as it has lots of fun and touching moments.


Ready to meet the Hey Team?

If you couldn’t tell already, the team are really excited to meet you and show you the best things about UCL!

They’ll be hosting lots of really fun online events this Welcome period (we’ve popped a few of them below), from online games to talking about the best things about London - check out the full list here. These events give you to chance to not only meet other new UCL students but also speak with the Hey Team about adjusting to UCL life. 

If you find an event that takes your fancy, simply buy a free ticket and you’ll be sent further details on how to take part.

See all the Welcome Events here