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We currently have partnerships with over 400 not-for-profit organisations and statutory agencies. Most of our partners have opportunities based in Central London. You can view a selection of current partners with live vacancies on our volunteering organisations page.  We are always looking for interesting new volunteering roles that’ll be suitable for UCL students. If you are interested in recruiting through us, please note:

  • We will only register organisations where we think there is a realistic chance of us generating interest from our students. We assess this on a case by case basis, looking at whether we have other similar roles on offer, the time commitment and the distance that students are likely to travel, and whether UCL students are likely to have the required skills, knowledge and experience.
  • We aim to offer a wide range of types of volunteering opportunities, gauged in terms of setting, type of organisations, level of responsibility, time commitment, opening times and client group.
  • We expect organisations to be transparent in their aims and objectives and to have good standards in volunteer management.
  • We will not refer students to organisations involved in activities which breach any Volunteering Service or Students’ Union UCL policies or which might bring disrepute to the Volunteering Service or Students’ Union UCL.
  • We will only refer students to not-for-profit organisations with charitable purposes, or to volunteering projects run by statutory agencies (such as local authorities or hospitals).
  • All projects registering with the Volunteering Service must agree to our set of service standards before we advertise their opportunities. This document outlines the policies and procedures that we expect them have in place, and the levels of service they can expect from the Volunteering Service.  If we discover an organisation is not abiding by our service standards we will cease our partnership with immediate effect.

All projects must have the following policies and procedures in place: a written health and safety policy; a written equal opportunities statement or policy; a fire safety procedure; an accident book and first aid kit and be in a position to ensure that all activities and premises that volunteers will be involved have been adequately risk assessed.

We expect our partner organisations to lead on their own recruitment and selection of volunteers, provide appropriate induction, training and support to volunteers, and pay travel expenses within Transport for London Zones 1-6.

Where organisations do not have the required policies and procedures, we are happy to offer guidance but will not be able to work with them directly.

Faith Organisations
The Volunteering Service welcomes the opportunity to work with volunteering projects that are based within or set up by faith organisations. However, we cannot be involved with any project that is used in any way to recruit members - from their clients or their volunteers - to any religious organisation, nor any project that is used to promote the tenets of a particular faith.

Campaigning Organisations
The Volunteering Service welcomes the opportunity to work with campaigning organisations. We will not refer students to organisations that are closely connected with any political party.

International Volunteering
We do not actively promote international volunteering, though we do maintain a list of recruiters’ websites for students interested in volunteering abroad.

Paid roles
We cannot help you to recruit for any paid roles (you can use Students’ Union UCL Job Shop for these).

If you would like to register with us and feel that you can meet our criteria, please get in touch with Oliver Peachey with some information about the opportunities you’d like us to advertise with UCL students in mind; we will then assess the viability of partnering with your organisation and respond accordingly.