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Wellbeing and Mental Health projects

This year, I want you to be involved in our mental health and wellbeing work. Below are two projects I’d like you to get involved with, but if you just want to stay in the loop, you can put your name down below or come along to the Print Room on Wednesday 17 October…

Cultural Awareness Campaign

My aim is for students and staff to recognise and appreciate cultural differences and feel part of a ‘global’ community at UCL. I want everybody to learn and appreciate the differences in identity and culture at UCL.


  • Work on improving teaching styles so that students are able to adapt and adjust appropriately to the needs of their studies and environment.
  • Provide better training for staff through diversifying teaching styles and encouraging cultural awareness training.
  • Improve confidence in conversations around our own differences so that we can appreciate each other’s individuality.
  • Encouraging everyone to be inclusive/mindful of the diversifying needs of students 

Mental Health – Self-Image / Self-Perception

This year I’ll continue to work on destigmatising mental health and push for more open discussions on the subject. I’ll be investigating how mental health is influenced by feelings of self-appearance and self-perception.

I want to organise a campaign that allows discussion around this area as well as raising awareness of the issue and sign-posting to services and organisations that can offer support.


  • Create a space for students to organise campaigns and projects around mental health and influence my work this year.
  • Raise awareness of mental health so that we can destigmatise it and have open discussions.
  • Creating an environment at UCL for students to chill out and relax.
  • Continue to push for funding for our mental health services.

Be part of our work on mental health

I want you to be involved in these projects, fill in the form below if you want to take part.