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Update 11 May: Exams and online assessments start on Monday 18 June - good luck! If you run into any difficulty, please contact our advice service.

Update 1 May: You should have heard by now about assessments taking place in term three. If you still haven’t had confirmation, contact your department as soon as possible, if you’re still struggling to get clarity on your assessments, contact our advice service.

Update 8 April:  Sabbatical Officers, Ashley and Jim, have been pushing for UCL to amend the current academic regulations and have secured substantial changes that ensure you are not disadvantaged in these challenging times. Working in partnership with us, UCL are ensuring as many students as possible progress to the next stage of their studies, or graduate at the end of this academic year. The “no detriment” policy, attempts to ensure that academic outcomes aren’t negatively impacted by the alternative assessments taking place this summer, recognising students’ academic performance so far (where applicable), and incorporating substantive safety-net rules to mitigate the impact the current situation could potentially have. You can read all about it here

Update 2 April: Ashley, Education Officer, and Jim, Postgraduate Students’ Officer, are both part of the Remote Teaching and Exam Delivery Groups. In these groups they have been working on influencing communications and FAQs sent to students regarding exams and alternate assessments, they’re working on an update on the academic misconduct guidance, they’ve worked with UCL on a relaxation on the extenuating circumstances requirements, and they’re working on ensuring the continuance of (some alternative to) Late Summer Assessments despite the expanded assessment period (so students still have the chance to retake these assessments if they so desire).

We’re working to the general principle that exams will not be used as an assessment unless absolutely necessary for academic standards or other pedagogic reasons, with the aim that most assessments would move to a coursework based assessment.

Friday 20 March: A message was sent to all first-year Undergraduates on Friday 20 March confirming that “all first-year undergraduate assessments have been cancelled. Instead, every first-year undergraduate student will be required to undertake a 1st-year capstone assessment - a single short piece of work to reflect on their learning across their programme this year.”