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Sabbatical Officers
Voting is currently closed You would need to self-define as a woman to vote.
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Number of vacancies: 1

The Women’s Officer represents the interests of UCL’s women students. The Women’s Officer will represent women students externally to organisations such as the NUS. They will also coordinate and lead on projects and campaigns on issues relating to Women students.


Helen Chandler-Wilde
I am a third-year studying ESPS, having studied on an Erasmus term abroad in the first term of this year. I have been involved in many areas of UCL life, from rugby to rowing to debating, and would love to use my wide experience to make the women’s officer role more mainstream and accessible. I will open up the UCLU Women’s Network to a wider range of people and opinions. Feminism should be for everyone.
• I will always have my door open to women facing harassment and discrimination
• I will seek to follow each case through to a satisfactory ending
NO! to harassment
• I will continue to support the zero-tolerance to sexual harassment campaign on campus
• I will seek to raise the profile of the campaign through other means than static leaflets
• I aim to widen the campaign's reach, extending it to all social venues associated with UCLU
• I will seek to ensure men and women are supported and funded equally in sports
• I will work to improve gym facilities for women at UCL, ensuring there is a balance of equipment suitable for all
• Working with the LGBT+ officer to
Natalie James
I've been actively involved with the Women's Network for four years now. I've loved being a part of the Network, and I want to build on our previous successes, and make the Network bigger and more active than ever! My priorities for next year are: continuing the Zero Tolerance to Sexual Harassment campaign; integrating IoE students into the Women's Network; co-operating more with UCLU clubs and societies; and continuing to provide support for students who want to run their own events or campaigns in conjunction with the Women's Network on campus. I want a campus which is safe for all students, and a Women's Network that reaches out and supports all students who self-define as women, have more complex gender identities which include 'woman', or experience oppression as women.