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Sabbatical Officers
Voting is currently closed
Number of vacancies: 1

The Sustainability, Engagement & Operations Officer will strive to perpetuate widespread understanding of the Union’s activities, developments and achievements. They will uphold the Union’s democratic structure and encourage democratic engagement in all sectors of the Membership. They will additionally be responsible for HR and other staffing issues, ensure adequate use of the Union’s spaces, and ensure all of UCLU’s financial activity and service provision is ethically and environmentally sound.


David Dahlborn
I’m as passionate about UCLU as I’m about free education and social justice! I don’t just talk, I take action for radical change. And, if you ask me, it’s about time some radical change was made at UCL – before it’s too late!

I will:

- Fight to save UCLU clubs, societies and representation from UCL cuts, and demand that UCL doesn’t axe our funding.
- Demand more space on campus for students, including rehearsal and performance spaces for Clubs and Societies and to stop Wednesday afternoon lectures.
- Continue UCLU’s campaign for free education and lower rent in student accommodation to give everybody an equal chance to come to UCL.
- Carry on from my experience as Halls Representative; at all times acting transparently, actively engaging with students and taking a firm line against the bosses.
- Accept no cuts to UCLU’s liberation campaigns or representation for women or minority groups.
- Make sure that all sides get a fair deal from the IOE merger, resisting any bulldozing to IOE bars or facilities.
- Stand against government cuts to Disabled Students’ Allowance.
- Campaign for UCL to cap tuition fees for international students’ and postgrads.
- Back UCL Justice for
Mohammad Ali
My aim is to make it easier for all students to get involved in the union, effectively manage its operations keeping in line with and building upon its ethical principles, laying the foundations for a sustainable future.