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Sabbatical Officers
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Number of vacancies: 1

As Convenor of the UCLU Postgraduate Association and the lead representative of postgraduate UCLU members, the Postgraduate Students’ Officer will coordinate the PGA’s activities, support the PGA’s part-time officers, and work to engage postgraduate students in the PGA and all other levels of Union activity. The Officer shall be responsible for coordinating representation and campaigns regarding the needs of postgraduate students at all levels, and for ensuring the provision of an environment which supports and provides for the particular social and academic needs of postgraduate students.


Kay Tabernacle
I’m a 4th year Fine Art PhD student. If elected I will work hard to improve conditions for postgraduate students at UCL and campaign to defend education. I will listen to your ideas and concerns and act on them and I will work with others to secure concrete improvements for students. Vote for me to: improve engagement with the union, by making it relevant to issues that affect postgraduates, and ensuring that there is an active and diverse social calendar; work for better pay and conditions for PGTAs by supporting the expansion of existing campaigns to all departments at UCL and by building on cooperation between the PGA and the UCU; improve work space for postgraduates, timetabling, library and other academic resources and facilities at UCL; provide resources and support for action on late stipend payments and inadequate child-care provision; campaign on grass-roots student initiatives against tuition fees, cuts to public services and the privatisation of student loans; defend the Postgraduate Students’ Officer role within UCLU and promote an effective campaigning union to represent our interests; support and work with part-time officers to advocate for liberation within the union and support the liberation networks.
Ayooluwa Olateju
If elected, I hope to achieve the following:
• Campaign for Conducive learning environment; with more graduate hubs and postgraduate clusters accessible to everyone.
• Advocate for fair and affordable postgraduate fees, and flexible payment schedules.
• I will also champion the cause in attracting more scholarship opportunities and funding for Postgraduate students.
• I will improve the integration of incoming postgraduate students into UCL and the Union, and organize activities uniting several faculties through active mobilization and involvement of departmental student representatives.
• I will drive the call for more UCL post-study employments to ease some of the post study immigration problems.
Suguna Nair
I am currently the President of IOESU; representing over 8000 Postgraduates and I come with experience. My experience at UCL IOE ranges from being the Vice President of DocSoc (Research Students’ Association, IOE), a Department Research Committee member and a PGR course representative at the Doctoral School at IOE in 2013-4. I believe UCLU is a member led organization and Postgraduate students; like all the other student groups; deserve the best and As an elected UCLU Postgraduate Officer I will ensure Postgraduate voice is heard across the UCL.
• Effective representation of Postgraduates at UCL across all schools and faculties.
• Promote and protect Postgraduate representation and engagement in decision making processes.
• Campaign for the Teaching Assistant and employment related issues.
• Deliver Postgraduate events and programmes (Academic and Social) throughout the year.
• Involve students in discussions about the proposed Estates Master Plan at IOE, and campaign hard to get the best possible outcome for Postgraduates.
• Find out what Postgraduate students really want us to spend their money on – inside and outside UCL.
• Ensure SU services are accessible and relevant to PG students as well.