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Manifesto summary: 

• Recordings for all the lectures

• More quiet study space during the exam period - make use of the empty lecture theatres

• 24 hour library opening on the weekends.

More study friendly facilities: library vending machines, lockers and more toilets (there is no male toilet in the Main Library!).

• I will make the departments publish the student peer assessed ratings of the courses, so the underperforming/disconnected tutors will be encouraged to consider ways of improving courses through transparency.

• I will push UCL to have equal and affordable fees for all programmes, independent of nationality.

• I will lobby UCL to issue exam timetables at least in early March. Students deserve to plan their revision in advance.

• I will work closely with the liberation officers to organise campaigns against rising fees as well as increasing awareness of the inequality issues.

• Quality of education and research is what UCL is globally renowned for - I will aim to ensure that our university's reputation, calibre and inclusiveness remain a top priority.