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Manifesto summary: 

I'm a socialist, feminist, anti-racist and LGBT rights activist, involved in UCL Defend Education and the socialist organisation Workers' Liberty. If I am elected I want to…

Change our campus

Many UCL students struggle with rent, food and transport costs. We should have cheap food, affordable rents and childcare, transport subsidies, and a more accessible campus. We should have a culture of free organisation and free speech for students. We are not going to get anything by asking politely! We need to organise and fight to win real changes from UCL management!

Fight for free education

In November, 10,000 students demonstrated for free education. We should continue campaigning to scrap fees, get bigger grants, democratise our education and liberate our curriculums, pushing NUS to start fighting too and take up issues like opposing public sector cuts and demanding more secure, decently-paid jobs for young people.

Build solidarity

While UCL invests in fossil fuel and has a campus in Qatar where workers work in slave-like conditions and LGBTQ people are persecuted, here lecturers fight pay cuts, cleaners struggle for basic rights and teaching assistants fight casualization. UCLU should make solidarity with campaigns like these a top priority.