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School of Pharmacy Officer 2013-2014: Sergio Lanza

What does your position involve?

 To do well as a School of Pharmacy Officer you must be fully committed and motivated to do this job. You will as well need to sacrifice some of your time to fulfil your duties in order to be the best you can be as a School of Pharmacy Officer. It involves voicing clearly the opinions of SOP students at UCLU Councils and at Committees within SOP, however it also requires a lot of listening and problem solving skills.

 What motivated you to run for this position?

 I love to help others and I want to make a change to improve the experience of pharmacy students during their university years.

Highlights or achievements:

Re-organizing the structure of SOP Student Union to be more efficient, initiating a UCLU SOP online newspaper and changing the structure of the MPharm course with the Dean to have SOP Students’ perspective on how to improve the course to gain skills SOP Students’ feel they need to have when graduating. 

What skills have you gained since taking office?

After having this position I strengthened my communication skills, my organisational skills and improved my leadership qualities. 


Sergio Lanza