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Full-Time Officers
Voting is currently closed You would need to self-define as a woman to vote.
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Number of vacancies: 1

The Women’s Officer represents the interests of UCL’s women students. The Women’s Officer will represent women students externally to organisations such as the NUS. They will also coordinate and lead on projects and campaigns on issues relating to Women students. This is a full-time, paid role.


Bethany Sutton

I’m Beth Sutton, a third year Human Sciences student and I’m running to be UCLU’s first full-time Women’s Officer. The Union currently represents over 12,000 women students and needs someone to fight for their rights and welfare. At a time when women are increasingly coming under attack from the government this fight is more important than ever. Some of my aims include increasing female participation within elections, seeking affordable and accessible childcare and working on national campaigns that lobby government. 

Vote Beth Sutton #1 for Women's Officer for a union that truly smashes the patriarchy! 

Helen Chandler-Wilde

1.   More crèche places for children of UCL staff, mature students and postgrads

The UCL nursery has a long waiting list and the prices are sky-high: up to £57.09 per day. I propose increasing the number of places and reducing the cost, allowing women with children to work or study at UCL. I propose in the meantime costs are cut by asking for a grant for childcare for students and staff from the university.

2.   Campaigns against casual sexism at UCL

Using words like ‘woman’ insultingly or describing a woman by her looks is something which we should work much harder to eliminate on campus. Have you ever heard women casually called ‘sluts’? Or overheard a conversation discussing a woman in a professional role, which quickly turned to slating her hair? Yes, sadly, so have I. I propose a ‘name and shame’ column in student media to get everyone at UCL to wake up to the problem.

3.   Better recognition of sexual harassment

Unfortunately there is still a certain level of sexual harassment by those in authority in universities. I will increase exposition of incidents and create a better service of investigation and exposing culprits so they can be punished, if the victim wishes.  I will establish a committee of counsellors to help women deal with the incidents and advise them on how to bring justice against authority figures.