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Full-Time Officers
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Number of vacancies: 1

The Welfare and International Officer will strive to ensure a safe and welcoming environment for all Members at UCL and in the wider community, and will represent the needs of international students at all levels. The Welfare Officer will additionally ensure that the Union is compliant with all relevant policies relating to equal opportunities, liaise with UCL Residences Office to ensure adequate provision of student accommodation, and ensure specific Union provision for international students outside of term and at the start of session as appropriate. They will also convene the Accommodation Network. This is a full-time paid role.


Sachin Shaji

My name is Sachin Shaji and I am doing my Masters in Law. I will be running for the post of Welfare & International Officer. I am originally from India and am a practising lawyer back there. I campaign for free education and against cuts & debts. I believe in social justice and am currently involved in a campaign against slavery. I will be running a half-marathon in March to raise funds and awareness for the cause.

As the Welfare and International Officer, I will dedicate my services to ensure a welcoming and friendly environment for International students at UCL. I will make sure that steps are taken to improve the pastoral care and support given by the faculties to students. During my term, I will liaise with the UCL Finance Department to develop a new system of FREE International Money Transfer. Furthermore, I will continue the efforts of the previous WIO to expand prayer and contemplation spaces across all UCL campuses.

I WILL be Active at my role, Accountable for my operations and Campaigning for the welfare of all students at UCL. I WILL be the VOICE of the non-vocal majority of International Students at UCL!

Laura Terry

  • Experience
    • LGBT+ Officer 2012/13

    • Women’s Officer 2010/11

    • Disabled Students Committee 2013, LGBT Committee 2010/11, Women’s Network Committee 2012/13

    • Triangle player, UCLU Orchestra, December 2012

    • Extensive volunteering within UCL/U and without

    • International student in Hamburg, Germany 2011/12

  • Aims
    • Save the Gower Place Practice

    • Oppose the Masterplan – no commercialisation of UCL

    • More resources on mental health for teaching staff so they can recognise the signs and know how to act

    • More support for students with dependents

    • Continue the work on equality in clubs, socs and sports teams

    • More events and support for short term international students (e.g. ERASMUS)

    • Pre-departure support for international students in their home countries

    • More free activities for students like massages, yoga etc

    • Expanding the Disabled Students and LGBT+ forums with extra support and campaigns

Katie Kokkinou

I will make sure to continue supporting free education - as well as striving for openness and accountability.

Gower Place Practice faces threat of closure, yet the majority of patients are students and staff. It is unacceptable that it is not secured in the Bloomsbury Masterplan - I will work hard to guarantee the future of our on-campus healthcare. 

Mental health support is an underfunded service at UCL. I will campaign to secure more funding, and to make it more easily accessible for you. 

UCL child care is around £50 a day: this is an extortionate amount for those with children. If elected I will work to reduce the fees for UCL staff and students.

Working for Equality and Diversity: To make sure your views are always represented and supported, I will work with Liberation Officers on diversity and equality campaigns to fight racism sexism, homophobia, transphobia, and ableism.

For international students, the transition to London can be daunting. I will ensure that you are supported throughout. 

Accommodation: Rent is too high, with unacceptable rates in halls of residence - some at £200 a week. I will fight for lower prices, as well as opposing the privatisation of UCL halls.