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The Postgraduate Students’ Officer will represent the needs of postgraduate students at all levels, and will ensure the provision of an environment which supports and provides for the separate social and academic needs of postgraduate students. The Postgraduate Students’ Officer will additionally liaise with the appropriate national bodies on issues affecting postgraduate students and work to engage postgraduate students in all levels of Union activity. This is a full-time, paid role.


Ben Towse

I’m running to build on 2 terms of successful work as Postgraduate Association President, in which I developed our full and diverse social calendar and campaigned powerfully for student rights and for free and funded education.

Grassroots Action on Academic Standards

  • Tackle persistent problems like oversized seminars, delayed feedback and crap pay for postgrad teaching assistants with new, bottom-up campaigns in courses and departments

  • In parallel, demand better central standards.

No fees. No cuts. A living stipend for every student.

  • Stop UCL increasing postgrad fees, demand more studentships

  • Resist privatisation, cuts and attacks on academic freedom

  • Council Tax and transport discounts for struggling part-time postgrads

  • UK-wide protests & occupations against slashed budgets, and for free education and a living stipend for every student

Defend welfare, liberation & community

  • Save our Health Centre

  • Demand free childcare, better funded mental health support

  • Feminist, anti-racist, pro-LGBT+, anti-ableist representation and campaigns

  • Diverse postgrad social calendar

  • Wednesday afternoons free for sports and societies

Standing together for education & social justice

  • Decent pay and pensions for staff, including the full Living Wage package.

  • Join workers and communities to defend public services, benefits and the NHS.

  • Support the Carpenters community facing eviction and dispersal at UCL’s hands

Christopher Griffiths

If elected I will work hard to ensure that the views of all postgraduate students are as effectively represented as possible, bolster the postgraduate association, and ensure that as payers of tuition fees we recieve the very best in value for money from UCL. 

Anand Ayyappan Udayakumar

I’m pursuing my second Postgraduate Degree in UCL and currently function as the elected Event Officer for the UCL Graduate Law Society. I have functioned as the Postgraduate Liaison Officer for Maastricht University, Netherlands.

My focus is to support and uphold the welfare and rights of postgraduate students. I’m concerned about COUNTERING THE SKYROCKETTING POSTGRADUATE FEES and to better utilize UCL finances for the benefit of postgraduates, specifically focus towards creating more EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES and FIGHT AGAINST THE PRESENT IMMIGRATION LAWS for the benefit of international postgraduate students, create dedicated information databases in the UCLU and social networking websites to provide BASIC and ADVANCED information relating to problems countered by internationals, ENSURING QUALITY EDUCATION by increasing scrutiny of teaching staff, utilizing student feedback constructively, providing for prescribed reading material in libraries and establishing an effective student complaint cell at the postgraduate level, creating FREQUENT and INVOLVING SOCIAL EVENTS specifically focused at involving mature and part-time postgraduates, and raising the standard of TAUGHT PROGRAMS on par with the REPUTED RESEARCH PROGRAMS at UCL.

Elect ANAND as your POSTGRADUATE STUDENTS’ OFFICER in order to facilitate these required changes and to make UCLU thrive towards the betterment of postgraduate students.

Dion Watts

I am the elected Student Academic Representative for the MSc Public Policy course, so I know about the issues that matter to postgraduates.

I believe it's unfair that postgrads have to buy their own books. There aren't enough copies of core texts for all courses in the university's libraries, and the message from the faculty is simply "you need to buy your own". If elected I'd make more books in the libraries a priority during my time in office.
The majority of postgraduates are foreign students who have come to the UK to study, often at considerable expense, and understandably have high expectations of their experience at UCL. If elected I'd fight for a better deal for foreign students.
Postgraduate courses are intense and students need the holidays to relax, yet many important assignments are released close to the end of term, sending the message that students should be spending their holidays working. If elected I'd work with faculty to negotiate schedules that fits around holidays.
I believe it's unfair that UK postgraduates can't access government loans to fund their studies, as undergraduates can. If elected I'd engage with national organisations like NUS to lobby the government for postgraduate loans.