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The Education & Campaigns Officer will represent the academic needs of Members to UCL. They will support student representation at all levels and be responsible for the development and implementation of a student representation strategy. They will also convene the Education & Welfare Network. This is a full-time, paid role.


Keir Gallagher

I want to give students more of a say in how their course are run, and if elected as Education and Campaigns Officer I'll build strong departmental assemblies, to force your department into action over serious issues, such as unhelpful and late feedback, overcrowded seminars, inadequate postgrad stipends and high printing costs. To back this up, I’ll fight for higher compulsory standards across UCL on issues such as these.

I’ll be building campaigns against the negative against aspects of the UCL Masterplan:
For example, fighting to save the UCL Health Centre, to protect libraries and study spaces, and to stop the commercialisation and privatisation of campus. Students and staff must be represented in planning the redevelopment of UCL.

I’ll fight against fees, education cuts and student debt, especially with regard to postgrad and international students, whose fees are set by UCL. UCLU must defend our education, and I'll also work to protect departments from downsizing and redundancies.

Overall, I want a democratic UCL, where students and staff are given a genuine say in the future and the running of our university. 

Gergely Raccuja

1)      Better Lecture Quality: I think that PASSING ON KNOWLEGDE is equally important to academic research. Therefore I WILL support lecturers and departments who are working to make their courses interactive and relevant. You should have a chance to give an effective feedback on your courses that induce real change.

2)      Improved Contact Hours: I believe that (overcrowded) “seminars” and “tutorials” should become real seminars and tutorials. They are one of the best ways to maximize our engagement and improve our learning experience. I WILL fight for more active contact hours and where desired and appropriate smaller group numbers.

3)      Exam and Feedback Viewing Opportunity:  The University actually gives no system for us to read our exam papers and the marker’s comments after our results are back. This is a basic service that should exist so we can learn about our exam performance and improve it in the future. I WILL push for this to be implemented before next year’s exams.

4)      Save the Gower Place Practice: It’s scary that UCL would even consider removing a GP practice that is here to serve its 15.000 registered students. I WILL continue campaigning for this GP practice to remain on Campus at all costs. Because our HEALTH is NOT NEGOTIABLE!

 “To ACHIEVE all these fantastic things I will create an Effective and Supportive academic representation structure at UCL. I WILL organize to give the advice, support and training so that students in EVERY department can MAKE A DIFFERENCE to how their COURSES are thought."

Ejiro Okorodudu

We spend a large amount of our years in education, so it simply makes sense that they should represent some of the greatest times of our lives!

It is for this reason that I want to become the Education and Campaigns Officer. With my experience as leader of the innovative educational project “THINK BIG” along with my position as StAR of MSc Neuroscience, I know I can and will provide my all to ensure that students have the opportunity to fully gain from their educational experience at UCL.

Good education is something that all students are entitled to, and that extends much further than just studying good material. Good education includes students knowing they have a strong support system in UCL. That is why for campaigns I will be working against increased tuition fees and cuts in PhD funding; working for ways to ensure contamination-free food through quality control measures, and increasing awareness of mental health amongst students.

I want to help by taking on this position, but I know that the best solutions come when suggestions and ideas are combined. Therefore, I encourage and completely support all from you, and will use them to develop complete and effective campaigns!

David Stockings


My name's David and I'm standing for Education & Campaigns Officer because I believe that the top priority of a Students' Union should be the education of its students and because I want to represent you and your views on your education to ensure that it's the best it could possibly be. 

Please take a moment to read my manifesto to see how I propose to make that a reality.

Thanks for your time!

Stella Christou

Vote Stella Christou #1 Education and Campaigns Officer

For socialist policies against Tory education cuts!

Capitalism can no longer afford the reforms of the past, and education is no exception. The fight for education is directly linked to the fight for socialism.

Abolish all fees
Education is an investment in society, not a cost. No to fees, abolish all student debt and for a living grant for all students.

The rent is too damn high!
Extortionate rents force students to take part-time work, compromising their studies. For an immediate freeze on rent hikes; non-profit accommodation at running-cost prices.

Big business out of education
No to any UCL Masterplan entailing privately funded Stratford expansion, luxury apartments and Starbucks at the cost of closing Gower Place Practice, merging libraries and departments, and paying employees below the living wage.

Defend Lecturers
Fewer staff means larger class sizes, thus lower standards. Lecturers and students unite to defend education.

Take the NUS forward
The student movement can only succeed in alliance with the Labour movement. Oppose splitting the NUS. Fight for socialist policies on a national level.


Benedict Maguire

Vote BEN MAGUIRE #1 for Education and Campaigns Officer!

  • Accountability – I pledge to hold regular surgeries so that ideas for UCLU campaigns come directly from its members. I will also make sure that there is absolute transparency by ensuring that minutes from Council meetings are always immediately uploaded onto UCLU’s website.

  • London Living – We all know that being a student in London is very expensive! I will campaign hard to give London students a better deal by demanding larger student loans and grants for those who really need them, halting price rises in University accomodation and work closely with the University in an effort to bring down food and drink prices in bars and shops wherever possible.

  • Education – I shall communicate regularly with students and staff in all departments to ensure that UCL's high quality education continues to be delivered and that adequate feedback and academic assistance is given to all of UCL’s students.

  • Student Services:  Facilities on campus can still be improved with not enough water fountains and still no men’s toilet in the Main Library. I will work closely with the University to try and improve facilities wherever possible.