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Full-Time Officers
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Number of vacancies: 1

The Democracy & Communications Officer will strive to perpetuate widespread understanding of the Union’s activities, developments and achievements, among students, stakeholders and the public. They will uphold the Union’s democratic structure and encourage democratic engagement in all sectors of the Membership. The Democracy & Communications Officer will additionally oversee the Union’s promotional strategy, any publications and broadcasts of the student media, and be the active respondent to all general media enquiries. This is a full-time, paid role.


Dan Warham

First and foremost I want to increase democratic engagement with the union. UCLU alienates members through its complex mechanisms. I will make sure Council and Members meetings are streamed, recorded, and publicised to all. I will increase the number of campus voting stations and ensure that there is greater support for campaigning both internally and externally.

I want to improve and extend our “how-to” guides so that can participate in the running of UCLU. I will try to make our avenues of communication as diverse as possible so that everyone can interact with their union.

I want to fight for student media autonomy. Our media is not just a pleasant addition to uni life, it is a vital part of it that we should celebrate and strengthen. I will meet editors at least every half-term in order to effectively represent them to the higher union structures.

I want a sabbatical team that fights for every single student and campaigns on campus on issues from liberation to free education. We also need greater levels of ACCOUNTABILITY, TRANSPARENCY, and INFORMATION. Students have the right to know what their officers do and why they do it.

Ben McCabe

UCLU has over 20,000 members. Do any of us really think we all agree on controversial political and international issues? Does our Union really believe all students want bottled water to be banned from our shops? Speak for all of us on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict? Affiliate to external political organisations on behalf of all of us?

Students’ Unions should be about defending the welfare of members, not arrogantly imposing views on issues that will always be likely to offend groups of students - especially if they are in the minority.

We should stand for:

Freedom of conscience - ensure UCLU is the safe place it needs to be for people of all faiths and none.

Freedom of expression - fight censorship and ensure societies aren't bullied.

Make sure every student knows exactly what Union representatives are doing.

As a Union we need to understand that taking controversial positions not directly relevant to students’ welfare only serves to put more people off.  With low turnout and inquorate meetings, we need more engagement, not more isolation and alienation.