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Full-Time Officers
Voting is currently closed You would need to self-define as BME (Black or Minority Ethnic) to vote.
Position information: 
Number of vacancies: 1

The Black & Minority Ethnic represents the interests of UCL’s Black and Minority Ethnic students. The Black & Minority Ethnic Students’ Officer will represent Black and Minority Ethnic students externally to organisations such as the NUS. They will also coordinate campaigns related to issues relevant to BME students and campaign against racism and fascism. This is a full-time, paid role.


Shanell Johnson

What I stand for:

What must be achieved this year needs to come from YOU; you set the priorities, you create the agenda, my job is to listen and take action!  I believe in making your voice count, I believe in democracy, accountability, transparency, freedom, justice and unity if you do too then make your VOTE count.

The concerns so far:

-A need for adequate quiet contemplation space.

-A need for events which shares culture, music, food, clothing and games.  (Like Cultural Week)

-A need to promote BME students to attend UCL and once here to achieve, to teach, to mentor and to support others.

Previously achieved:

*Key Note Speaker for the Commission for Racial Equality’s conference ‘Young People in the New Millennium’

*UK representative in Italy at the United Nations Conference on ’10 years since the Convention on the Rights of the Child’

*Chair London Millennium Youth Council

*Chair and Founding Director London Youth Forum

*BME Representative on ‘National Lottery Charities Board- London Regional Awards Committee’

*Member of the ‘National Black Youth Forum’

Abayomi Kelvin Okubote


My name is Abayomi Kelvin Okubote, LLM Postgraduate student at the Faculty of law, University College London. I stand to contest the post of Black and Minority Ethnic Students’ Officer (BME).

WE all deserve the best possible learning experience whatever our background or individual challenge. Mine is an idea of an all-encompassing hub, where every voice counts and I serve with all sense of purpose and diligence. Creating a forum for BME students from diverse background of religion, culture, education and ethnicity; inspiring a new way of thinking and supporting students to become worthwhile contributors to their respective communities.

Core principles:

Bridging the gap; eradicating inequality; access to justice and adequate welfare.

Main Agenda:

1.    Adequate representation in the National Union of Students (NUS)

2.    Providing a platform to campaign against racism in our institution through organizing the KICK OUT RACISM CAMPAIGN (KORC 2013)

3.    With support of the union, organize a national event on the role of Black African Youths in the global fight against terrorism with keynote addresses from the President of Nigeria, Uganda, Ghana and the UN Director on counter-terrorism.

4.    Respect the needs of BME students at UCL and preaching equality in our higher education.

In all, I desire to operate an alliance with other union members on how BME Students can maximize their individual learning potentials. There is strength in our diversity and beauty in our color!

Thus, we should not be defined by the color of our skin or our names but by the nature of our character! With your support, things will get better!