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Full-Time Officers
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Number of vacancies: 1

The Activities & Events Officer will be primarily concerned with the non-academic development of Members, and will encourage and support the development of Clubs and Societies. They will additionally be responsible for financial matters of Clubs and Societies, including the awarding of extra funding. They will ensure all Club and Society publicity is produced within the appropriate guidelines and policies, oversee the awarding of Colours and other awards in recognition of Clubs’ and Societies’ and students’ achievements. They will also be the lead Officer for organising the Union’s events. This is a full-time, paid role.


Doris Chen

Hello! My name is Doris and I’m a Third-year History student from Hong Kong.

Vote for me because I’m experienced, passionate and will put clubs, societies & events at the top of UCLU’s agenda.

If elected, I plan to do the following and a whole lot more!

#1 Clubs & Societies

•      Introduce bronze, silver and gold awards to encourage attainment and diversification of activities, clubs & societies that achieve gold will automatically be shortlisted for Club/Society of the Year, and there will be an online league table displaying the progress of each club & society                                                                                  

•      Work with UCL to closely monitor college room bookings

•      Make the Garage Theatre bookable

•      Bring back the multi-sport Varsity

#2 Communications

•      Write a weekly blog, so you know what I’m doing throughout the year

•      Make the clubs and societies section of the website accessible and up-to-date

#3 Politics

•      Defend all UCLU space and other space that clubs & societies use for activities

•      Work with the relevant officers to combat prejudice and discrimination in clubs, societies & events

•      Fight for clubs & societies funding

•      Push for free Wednesday afternoons for all undergraduates

Omar Khan

Vote Omar Khan for Activities and Events!

  1. More involved!

    • Widen and increase Student participation - I hope to achieve this by improving societies and clubs publicity, and making them more accessible to the general student population.

    • A better website – Making it easier to search for clubs and societies and have a platform to advertise upcoming events.

  2. Better funding!

    • More efficient process to gain extra funding – Less Paperwork!

    • Encourage and assist societies to get sponsors – Get our societies in touch professional organisations and improve links

  3. Improved activities!

    • Greater integration of societies and clubs - Via more union-wide charitable activities

    • Lobby for more rooms being made available, for longer for clubs and societies to access.

    • Look into improving storage arrangements – Greater accessibility

    • Actively search for facilities closer to campus - Improved training facilities, as well a permanent ground for societies that do not currently have one.

My seconders include:

  • Jack Gibson (Cricket club President)

  • Marius Mostert (Basketball 1st team captain)

  • Yusuf zak (Islamic society President)

  • Nabeel Qureshi (Pakistan society President )

  • Kemi Adetu (ACS President)

  • Mehran Bhatti (International officer)

  • Seyda Karaoglu, (Turkish society president)

  • Matheus Farias Miranda – (Capoeira president)

  • Zubair Idris – (Student trustee, union chair 2011-2012)