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Ayman Benmati
Why are you standing?: 

We study at a world-class institution, but it honestly doesn't feel that sometimes. That's why I'm running to be your next education officer - I want to make it so that we can shape our own educations! The 4 key areas I am focusing on are:

Getting bang for your buck

- Slashing graduation costs

- Free dissertation printing and binding

- Continue the campaign to remove all hidden course costs

Putting your education first

- Optional professional modules including programming and foreign languages

- Provide departmental tailored English language and academic writing support for international students

- Revamp the personal tutoring system matching tutors based on industry connections, relevant academic experience and even personal interests to you!

A helping hand when you need it the most

- Renovation of the extenuating circumstances process, including its full digitization.

- Dedicated point of contact in student services for extenuating circumstances

- Providing wellbeing workshops as part of UCL student support and wellbeing

- The ability to self-certify illness for up to 7 days

Empowering your voice

- Strive for commitment from the new provost to be more accessible and accountable to the studens, particularly on decolonisation, BME attainment and mental health

- Ensure that Portico's modernisation project sees rigorous student consultation throughout

- Ensure that UCL's new attendance monitoring system will be exclusively for care, not compliance