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Vladimir Kalinovskiy
Why are you standing?: 

Hi, I am Vladimir Kalinovskiy and I have a hearing disability. Last year, I was a Campaign Officer but I believe that I can achieve more for disabled students at the Disabled Students’ Officer position.

Last year I have advised Student Union on how to make Freshers Fair more accessible and if I win elections I will make sure that the requirements are met. Moreover, I have created a survey that should improve the communication between disabled students and UCL, which will be out soon.

If elected I will strive to:

• Improve current Network for Disabled students, by increasing the quality of the events and provide and making it more visible.

•Develop a guide for fresher disabled students to help them settle in UCL

• Develop special training for societies/staff members on supporting disabled students

• Improve the recognition of SORA by academic departments of study, so they can provide better support

I strongly believe that these aims will help us, students with disabilities, because proper communication is key for adequate help. Moreover, many students do not declare disability, because of a possibility of prejudice and discrimination, so raising awareness will make community more welcoming.

Thank you for reading my manifesto and feel free contact me, if you have any questions about my ideas. My email: