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Olivia Edwards
Why are you standing?: 

Hello! My name is Olivia Edwards, and I’m currently an international student in the MA Education programme. I am passionate about bringing the postgraduate community at UCL together and creating change to enhance the student experience. This year in my role as a Student Academic Representative, I have gained experience communicating with students and staff, and taking initiative to work towards change.

If elected, my major areas of focus would be:

1. IMPROVE STUDENT SPACES including study, social, and prayer spaces

2. INCREASE FUNDING FOR MENTAL HEALTH RESOURCES, building on the progress the union has already made this year

3. FIGHT FOR FAIR PAY for teaching assistants

4. REDUCE EXCESSIVE MONITORING OF ATTENDANCE which goes beyond the requirements of the British Home Office

5. IMPROVE ACADEMIC EXPERIENCES for postgraduates by working more closely with academic representatives

6. BUILD COMMUNITY that everyone can be a part of, including part-time and distance-learning students

I would prioritize continually communicating with students to find out what changes you want and need. In addition, I would work closely with the other union officers and support their initiatives, because my experience has taught me that collective action is always stronger!

Thank you, and please contact me if you have any questions!