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Position: Union Chair
Mihir Gupta
Why are you standing?: 

I believe that the priority of the Union Chair is to not only withhold the integrity and the inclusivity within which all the students believe in, but at the same time also make sure that a democratic and fair process is inculcated within the Student Union Meetings. In the capacity as your Union Chair, I do not only promise to live by these very facets, but at the same time assure that I would go the furthest of my capability to make sure that a diverse set of voices are heard and that no individual or group surpasses the power and the democratic procedures which are withheld by our Union. In order to ensure fairness, I would make sure that there is equal representation from all the respective segments of the society. In order to remove any sort of gender disparity I would make sure that there is an equal representation of individuals from all genders. As for the documentation of the minutes and the books, I would myself take the responsibility of minuting the details alongside running the proceedings. I am a compassionate and observant individual and would make sure of serving in the best interest of all stakeholders.