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Mae Faugere
Why are you standing?: 

Hi! I am Maë, a climate lover passionate about change.

After having been part of UCL Sustainability Ambassadors for a year, I intend to take over on Seher Ghufoor to become the next Sustainability Officer.

My goal is to inform students on climate change, communicate the efforts undergone by UCL and the UCLU, and facilitate student engagement in sustainable causes.

What I want to do:

- Gather a team of climate enthusiastic students to effectively promote sustainability on campus.

- Raise awareness on climate functioning and the consequences of its disruption with monthly workshops.

- Provide a structure for individual UCL students to develop their own sustainability related projects.

- Run the second edition of Sustainability In Our City Conference.

- Increase communication on the sustainable efforts undergone by UCL and the Student Union.

- Ensure UCLU's development and financial decisions are environmentally and ethically sound.

- Lobby UCL into having sustainable fashion and green internet on campus.

For this to happen, I will need you on my side.

Please, do contact me if you want to engage in sustainability on campus, we can make great things together!