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Carol Paige
Why are you standing?: 

Student interests must stay at the core of the Students’ Union!

I’ve spent a quarter of my life so far as a student of UCL and I’ve spent most of that time working for the Students’ Union. I’ve poured pints, lead Zero Tolerance workshops, and trained Academic Reps but now I want to do something more.

I want to spend my 7th year at UCL making sure the Students’ Union keep students’ interests at its core.


Continue to reform Union democratic processes so that students can more easily affect change.

Increase transparency of Students’ Union processes.

Review Part-Time Officer Role support: look into how all of our Part-Time officers can be better supported


Improve student facilities: more microwaves and kettles around campus!

Increase sustainability of Union cafes and bars.

Oversee final stages of 25 Gordon Street refurbishment, ensuring students are satisfied with the new Phineas.


Address student concerns that many don’t feel like a ‘part of UCL’.

Ensure all 43,000 students have easy access to a complete listing of all Union facilities and services.

Make it easier for students to engage with the Union, helping more students find jobs, advice and volunteering opportunities.