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Ashley Slanina-Davies
Why are you standing?: 

My name is Ashley and I am a 3rdyear neuroscience student – hi! I am standing for Education Officer as I strongly believe in the transformative power of education and whilst there are many things UCL gets right, I believe there are some very important and necessary changes the university has the power to implement to ensure its students are fully supported in their learning, including:

A dedicated point of contact for interrupting students and facilitation of their return to UCL,

More dedicated teaching staff to bridge the gap between what it is necessary to learn and what there is time to teach within a degree programme’s contact hours,

More encouragement and guidance on pursuing internal and external academic opportunities,

ISD Meet & Greet at all external lecture venues,

Adequate funding for student mental health services – anything less is a breach of UCL’s duty of care.

Most importantly, what I aim to do is listen to your voices and communicate the needs of the student body honestly and forcefully – this is your education. I hope to work with other Student Officers to create a strong and united student voice.