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Anastasia Cavallo
Hello, all! I have been an ethical vegan for almost 10 years and I will be completing my masters in Theoretical Psychoanalytic Studies the next academic year. I have been an active member of the society for almost two years, and have recently joined the committee. I would feel privileged if you chose me to be your president, as I would contribute to a society in which I have made valuable experiences and which is especially dear to me.
I have experience working in teams and I have often acted as a mediator between my team and supervisors as part of my courses and volunteering. I am a skilled organiser and motivator, in fact I am currently making and managing a study plan for a student with learning difficulties as part of my flexible tutoring job. This and the fact that next year my work load will be lighter will allow me to actively manage our society and relations with the UCL Union. My time in the society and with the committee has given me a clear idea of the challenges I would face in this position, so that I would be more prepared in those situations. I am also known to be supportive and open towards others, and able to make fair and objective decisions even when there is disagreement between people I work with or between myself and others, which I believe are essential qualities for someone who manages a society where there is so much diversity.
I look forward to working with the other committee members to continue offering the social, volunteering and informational events everyone has enjoyed so far. I would also work on new ideas based on what I noticed old and current members would have liked to see improved or given more space to. I believe that my experience as a vegan in London and as part of this society will allow me to keep the Vegetarian and Vegan Society a space for everyone to enjoy and where everyone will feel free to discuss their concerns and ideas about their lifestyle.