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Sabbatical Officers
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Saddiqur Rahman
I feel privileged to have previously been elected by you, the student body, as a Trustee of UCLU. It has given me invaluable insight into the dynamics of the Students' Union and an opportunity to work with current sabbatical officers to ensure the delivery of policy. With your support, it is now time to get into the driver’s seat and use my expertise to deliver the goods.

The following are some of my key areas of focus.

Bursaries and Childcare Funding for Parents and Carers
- Postgraduate students are facing increasing financial tension which is a major matter affecting academic achievement.
- More bursaries and financial support will be brought to combat the financial strain postgraduate students face daily

Achieve the London living wage for PG students who teach
- Working in London as a Postgraduate student is no easy task with students facing steep living costs and rent. Work will be done to combat poverty pay to ensure postgraduate students do not compromise their academic success

Build a Reliable Mental Health and Disability Infrastructure within UCL
- Strides are being made in ensuring appropriate funding for counselling and improved accessibility for disabled students.
- Students wait months until they receive treatment and the battle will continue to make such waiting times a thing of the past

Improve Educational Facilities
- Will be working very closely with other student sabbatical officers to ensure an effective team effort to meet objectives that benefit all students.
- Will be looking to increase the number of quality study spaces and granting student access to room booking facilities
Suzan Elsayed
Hello! My name is Suzan ElSayed and I'm currently an international postgraduate student at IOE, UCL. I'm running for the Postgraduate Students' Officer to ensure that postgraduates have a university life rich in knowledge and experiences. This year, I have started a petition to develop a system to allow UCL students audit modules FOR FREE. Also, I'm the co-founder of MindFlow, a mental health initiative at UCL that allows students express mental health through expressive art such as painting and photography.
I aim to campaign against the cap on international students and ensure that UCL students can audit modules for free. Also, I aim to continue raising the concerns on teaching assistants' salaries and academic standards, including, lack of space in classes and delivery methods. In addition, I aim to enhance the opportunities provided to postgraduate students during their studies.
Based on my previous work experiences with youth and governments, I believe I could bring about beneficial changes to the students and ensure to bridge the gap between students and management. As an international postgraduate student, I have had first-hand experiences to understand the improvements required. I pledge to make the students voices heard and to ensure that UCL works in favour of the students' interests.