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Hetian Zhang
Kwan Cheuk
I am a first year student. Since I entered UCL MODO fashion society, I feel like this is second place for me to stay after school. This is where I have met a lot of great people who has some passions in fashion as I do. I love this society as all the members are kind, nice; they actively help out freshers or seniors, and organising events such as night out and fashion show. I believe this is how a society should be: keep moving. For me, I have been actively involved in the society (mostly the modelling part) as I have interest in modelling. From joining the workshops to actually walking in the fashion show, everything was amazing and I feel inspired by this society. Therefore, I would like to run for president position to let the people feel that inspiration. I wish to be more involved in the society, whatever I will be taking responsibilities. I wish to take the lead to let the society keep moving; to gather the greatest models, photographers etc to organising better and bigger events. Just to aim to let everyone in the society that we are always stay and work as a team.

I have some leadership experiences. I am a hall rep this year. I was the school prefect, sports house vice captain and house prefect in high school. I firmly believe that having these background experiences will empower me the skills to lead the MODO fashion society next year. I study mechanical engineering for my degree. Therefore, I am confident in managing a and multi-tasking the issues that will be happen in the society. I know it will be going to be tough however I am totally willing to take this challenge.
Anna Savelyeva
“Fashion is something that you can attach to yourself, put on, and through that interaction, the meaning of it is born.”
-- Rei Kawakubo

A little about my views on fashion.
The fashion industry provides society with a possibility for self-expression, however, many wrongfully continue to mask their character and get lost in the crowd. I strongly believe that style is about experimenting, expression of your inner ego, your beliefs and actions. While the brands on the “hype” may change, clothing go out of style - no one can take away your personality. My relationship with personal style is intimate to the point where I feel slightly uncomfortable when forced to wear clothing that contradicts my views and aesthetic. Although I highly respect the fashion choices of others and draw inspiration from many, I remain faithful to my own selection of clothing and will not betray it under any circumstances.
Having grew up in post-soviet Russia, studied in a conforming boarding school in the UK and lived in most of Europe, I had a chance to meet and interact with a countless number of people with different views, beliefs, political and social backgrounds. What I found to be true for everyone I meet, is that if a person is able to express their inner world with their style - I find them intriguing as an individual. It is a skill one has to master, it is a whole different language of communicating your energy and I want more people to learn to appreciate the importance of fashion in the society.
Alright, enough about myself. Let’s get to the point.
It is obvious that all candidates running for the president of the fashion society will address their love towards fashion and without a doubt have a noble sense of style. However, I want to consider a different role of fashion both in my life and the life of others. Throughout my time as a president I aim to inspire and get inspired by the present and future members of the society, who hold that unique personality I mentioned earlier in my statements.
Having students produce their own clothes which is presented during an annual MODO fashion show is a great achievement, which previous committee members should be given credit for. I aim to aid the discovery of new talent in MODO designers and provide them with a valuable first-hand experience of patternmaking and clothes production. The approach will be made through enhancing the theoretical content of the sewing classes, inviting external speakers and adding sketching and designer workshops on a weekly basis.
A major part of my campaign will focus on the idea of sustainable fashion. Over the years of pursuing a career in Biotechnology I have acquired strong views on the use of sustainable fashion as a way to provide the future generations with a “healthier” planet. The steps to make this possible are easier than one may think. Position of the president will allow me to make an impact at the university level and perhaps beyond, through raising awareness of sustainable fashion. I aim to begin collaborating with charity shops and H&M to re-use and re-cycle clothes collected termly around the university. H&M is in charge of the largest sustainability project in Europe and has gathered almost 39,000 tonnes of garments in the past 5 years, all of which have been recycled to produce new clothing items. I have personally supported the campaign over the years and want to introduce it on a larger scale in order to benefit the environment. Any clothing items in good conditions can be donated to a charity shop or organisation to help those less fortunate as well as the planet. The fact that fashion can make a greater impact on a larger scale other than individual satisfaction must be exploited. The opportunities open to us as of one of the world’s most prestigious universities are endless and allow us to add another level of significance to our society in the upcoming year.
All of us are aware that social interaction is the foundation of fashion. New trends emerge from exchange of ideas, collaborations, inspiration drawn from other designers and the public. What would fashion be without social media and publicity promotion? In order to improve the social sector and achieve tight relationships between models, designers and photographers I intend to increase the number of collaborative projects, socials and events such as attending annual fashion week, fashion shows and related film-screenings.
On a different note, joining the fashion society this year has undoubtedly enriched my university experience.’ Organising and running the release of monthly MODO magazine has opened my eyes to how many unengaged talents the members of our society possess. Writing for the magazine, arranging photoshoots and meeting the monthly deadlines has greatly enhanced my natural skills of organisation and time-management. Cooperating with the committee and helping organise the annual fashion show gave me an insight into the challenges faced by the representatives and once again reassured me that I am ready to take up the leadership role next year.
Over the years, fashion has helped me apply my unhappiness into creation and helped me befriend my inner-self. When I look around, I see so many young people with rebellious spirit who are hungry for art, discovery and self-expression. I am thrilled to take up this opportunity and guide every single one of these individuals to thrive in whatever field of the society suits their mind. And I will ensure that it is done in a responsible and sustainable way.

Anna Savelyeva