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Hall Representatives
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Number of vacancies: 1

The Hall Representative will represent the interests of UCL students living in halls, and will be responsible for bringing any related matters or campaigns that are in the interests of the student community. The Hall President chairs the hall committee whose role is to promote a sense of community with the residence.


Lincoln Lee Ming Tze
As a resident of Ramsay Hall, I believe all of us want to strive to improve our living conditions. I want to help that process and make it easier. Personally, I like solving problems outside of my studies particularly problems that are directly relevant to me and the people I live with. By improving my own living conditions I will also improve the lives of those living around me, my friends and the people I care about. Furthermore, I've lived in other dormitories before and have experienced fixing problems with food, living conditions and furniture. Hence, I should have enough experience to do a good job in this role. That is why I think I have the necessary motivation to fulfill this role.

I would immediately try to solve these pre-existing problems
1) Fix the dryers in the laundry that aren't working
2) Create a platform for residence to complain about broken furniture which I know is common in the older blocks and help them fix it.

Following this, I would also attempt to:
1) Make the fire alarms less sensitive so that we stop getting false fire drills
2) Greater variety and quality of food
3) Organize some parties
Eloise Wardell
Uni should be a fun and enjoyable experience, your accommodation should feel like your home and living in such close proximity with hundreds of others is an ideal opportunity to make new friends and I believe I have the determination to drive through new ideas and opportunities for our halls to make the most out of our year here. Issues such as renting costs, luke-warm showers, ill-equipped kitchens and appliances in the laundry room are some of my top priorities to address. I love socialising and going out yet we all know student loans don’t cover finances for drinks and entry fees, so I’ll aim to secure as much financial support from UCL for events. I’ll encourage more socialisation between international and domestic students through social events and for nights when you don’t fancy going out, I’ll introduce measures to prevent doors from slamming and organise regular, diverse events so there’s something for EVERYONE to enjoy; girls’ nights, movie nights, 'lads’ nights, pizza nights, and more! I’ll run campaigns to push forward YOUR ideas and all you have to do is vote for me 19th - 26th October if you want your first year at uni to be a blast.
Ruth Hill
Whether you’re here at UCL from the other side of the world or just the other side of London we all want a comfortable, affordable, clean and fun place to live. We want our accommodation to feel like a great home while we study. From over-inflated, poor value for money rent to broken microwaves and blocked sinks you can trust me to challenge issues and get problems solved.

I am a very resourceful and sociable person with experience of representing the needs of others. Resourceful – I can get our voices heard and get things done. Sociable – I’m a team player, an organiser, an ideas person. Experience – as Head girl at my former school I invented, organised and facilitated social events and represented all sixth formers. I now work part-time for a London events agency to help fund my way through university.

I am passionate about making Ramsay Hall and Ian Baker House a better place for us all and I can represent you. I will build solid lines of communication between the University and you, their customers. Above all I will listen to what is important to you and endeavour, campaign and negotiate to make a positive difference.