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Hall Representatives
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Number of vacancies: 1

The Hall Representative will represent the interests of UCL students living in halls, and will be responsible for bringing any related matters or campaigns that are in the interests of the student community. The Hall President chairs the hall committee whose role is to promote a sense of community with the residence.


Victoria Bukato
Hey guys,
I would like to represent James Lighthill House. I believe that I am well suited for that role, because I have 4 years of experience of living in halls of residence in England. James Lighthill is an international house, so I know which problems can arise and for sure will be glad to handle them. I am an open and social person and always ready to give you a hand. I want to unite our residence more and make sure this place feels like home to everyone. I would love to organize events for the house including activities during the day and nights out. Furthermore, I also think there should be a feel of unity between all the houses, because first year in uni can be difficult and it is always nice to have a big group of friends to support each other.